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Addison’s Disease and Diabetes

An article from the February 1997 Newsletter: Several of our members not only have Addison’s disease but have to manage with Diabetes as well. One of our members has just had her daughter diagnosed with insulin -dependent diabetes. According to Diabetes Australia an estimated 650,000 Australians have diabetes and almost 50% of these people do not know they have it. Patients with autoimmune Addison’s disease have a higher incidence of associated autoimmune diseases than the general population. Continue reading →

Methadone or Hydrocorstisone?

An article from the September 1996 Newsletter: We are all aware that an Addison's crisis can be stressful to say the least, but imagine how you would feel if you finally staggered into a hospital casualty department, telling medical staff you had Addison's Disease and needed an injection of Hydrocortisone only to be told, "We can't just give out Hydrocortisone to every drug addict that comes in"! Well, that ' s just what happened to one of our member's earlier this year. Continue reading →

In The Family – Is Addison’s Hereditary?

The question we get asked most would have to be "Is Addison’s Disease hereditary?" Addison’s disease in it’s self is not hereditary but the factors which contributed to how you got Addison’s disease in the first place can be hereditary. As Doctor Paul Margulies explains in his answer on this hereditary pattern for the American N.A.D.F., "Most people with Addison’s disease have adrenal insufficiency caused by antibodies produced by mistake that injure both adrenal glands. This autoimmune tendency can be inherited. Continue reading →