The Association recommends the following publications as excellent sources of information for people suffering from Addison's Disease:

Addison’s Disease & Adrenal Insufficiency Diagnosis & Treatment

Addison's brochure

This brochure is aimed at both patients and medical professionals and contains clear and concise information on the disease, its symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and what to do in emergency situations. It is available free to members and some Endocrinologists and Endocrine clinics. Medical professionals can order this FREE brochure and other material from our medical professionals order form.






Living With Addison's Disease, an owner's manual

Owners Manual

A publication by Sarah Baker and Katherine White of the U.K. Addison's Disease Self Help Group. This excellent publication, which covers all aspects of daily living with Addison's, can be obtained by visiting the U.K. web site, where it is available for download.




When a student has Addison's: a guide for schools and parents

Through 2018, AADAI is excited to be developing specific material to help parents and teachers to provide the best possible care for young people with adrenal insufficiency conditions. This material is currently in development.

There has been substantial work in the UK by the Addison’s disease Self Help Group (ADSHG) and their booklet, ‘When a student has Addison’s’  can be downloaded at the U.K. website. Note that this material is available with permission from ADSHG.


Addison's Disease - Managing 'sick days' to avoid crises

Managing Sick DaysAn article written by Dr Marni A. Nenke MB BS, BSci and Professor David J. Torpy MB BS, PhD, FRACP for EndocrinologyToday February 2014. This article gives critical information to avoid adrenal crises in the face of intercurrent illnesses. It is free to all members here.



The Pfizer Meds App – vital information at your fingertips

Sufferers of Addison’s Disease and Adrenal Insufficiency rely on Solu-Cortef® in case of an Adrenal crisis. Pfizer, the manufacturer of Solu-Cortef® have developed an “App” known as Pfizer Meds.

Pfizer Meds allows you to scan in the barcode of Solu-Cortef®, into your profile under the “My Meds” area of the “App”. By doing this, you can be provided with instant information in the case of an emergency, which may be life-saving.

Some of the information included is the Emergency Injection Guide (both the video and step by step guide (PDF format) as well as links to relevant web sites including our own.
The “App” is available for both the iPhone and for Android devices and is highly recommended for use by sufferers of Addison’s Disease and Adrenal Insufficiency. Pfizer Meds website.