The Australian Addison's Disease Association seeks to:

Educate the medical profession to have a higher awareness of Addison's disease.
Make the general public aware of Addison's disease.
Supply up to date information to people with Addison's disease.
Supply a caring network to give support for people with Addison's disease.

In particular, we hope to share information relevant to sufferers of Addison's disease in and around Australia,
and encourage mutual support through our growing network of State-based branches.


Addison's Disease is a rare endocrine, or hormonal disorder involving the adrenal glands that affects approximately 1 in 100,000 people.

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The Association

The Australian Addison's Disease Association is a non-profit organisation funded by membership fees and donatations

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We operate an email discussion list that is very active. Members and the general public share specific issues relating to Addison's Disease and related topics

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Medical Articles

A collection of Medical Information about Addison's and related conditions from Professionals and other organisations worldwide.

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Become a member and receive many benefits including access to our members only section and our quarterly newsletter via post or email.

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General Articles

Our site contains a large amount of information about living with Addison's Disease and tips and tricks from members on how to cope

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We supply medical professionals with complimentary information and brochures for distribution to those interested in Addison's Disease

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Case Studies

Many of our members have contributed personal stories which provide an insight into the varying experiences that each of us has with Addison's Disease and related conditions.

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