The AADAI Committee elected on the 10th of October 2021 consists of President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and Ordinary members.

All these roles are undertaken by volunteers

Elective Positions - Executive Committee

Position: Elected Member:
President: Bronwyn Monro
Vice President: Kerry Wheeler
Secretary: Vacant
Treasurer: Karen Harris
Ordinary Member: Julia Kely (Membership Coordinator)
Kymm Madden (Minutes secretary)
Dianna Carlen
Linda Hobbs
Saskia Holloway
Janne McDonald
Phillipa Morris

Positions appointed by Executive Committee:

Newsletter Editor: Matthew Hart
Webmaster: Matthew Dyball
Advocacy Committee Convenor: Tammy McLandsborough
Website Committee Convenor: Geoff Mullins
Research Committee Convenor: Shoshanna Ophel

Medical professionals providing specialist advice:

Medical Advisor: Professor David Torpy
Pharmacological Advisor: Michael Lew

 Note: Get in touch with our Committee via our Contact Form.