Professor Geoff Nicholson – MBBS(WA) PhD (Melb) FRACP FRCP

  • Professor Nicholson will provide information on the epidemiology and management of Addison’s Disease and Autoimmune Diabetes, and how they relate to other autoimmune conditions.
  • As a researcher of Diabetes, and having treated people with both Addison’s Disease and Diabetes for many years, he has a more nuanced understanding of these conditions and how to manage them effectively.
  • This popular session is similar to one that we held in 2021, and will be recorded, but we encourage you to participate on the day.
  • Please send through any questions you may have to and we will pose them to Professor Nicholson in our panel session.
  • No need to register. Join the Zoom Meeting on the day, from 2:45pm with this link:
Meeting ID: 891 6850 0202
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