The Australian Addison’s Disease Association Inc. provides a valuable resource on Addison’s disease/adrenal insufficiency to the medical community, patients and carers.

As a non-profit organisation with more than 300 members, the Association strives to improve outcomes for people with this rare condition by providing up-to-date information and ongoing support.

Drawing on the expertise of leading Australian specialists, the Association liaises with various health and medical professionals to help improve the diagnosis and treatment of people with adrenal insufficiency.

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For You - General Practitioners, Endocrinologist, Endocrine Nurses and other Medical Professionals:

For your patient:

Alternatively, we can send you a complimentary pack includes the new Addison's disease pamphlet (written in conjunction with Endocrinologists), a complimentary newsletter, membership forms, emergency treatment letter, Awareness Week flyers where relevant and other information introducing the Association.

To order a FREE complimentary pack, newsletter or replacement brochures, simply fill in the form and the links to download the material will be sent to you by email. (Available only inside Australia & New Zealand.)

Note: We can only post to a medical facility or practice. If you are a patient, please visit our membership page.