Preventing an Addison’s Crisis

We all know that when you have Addison's disease, even though you follow your medication plan carefully, things happen which can create stresses on your body, causing a deterioration in your condition. Unlike people who do not have Addison's disease, your adrenal gland can't respond to increased demands so you need to prepare for these stressful situations and know what to do to prevent what is termed an adrenal or Addison's disease crisis. Continue reading →

Addisons Newspaper Article

The following article was written by Dr Cindy Pan. It appeared in body+soul in The Sunday Telegraph on July 30, 2006 Addison's disease is a rare hormonal disorder that is potentially life-threatening but it can be managed. Addison's disease, named after Dr Thomas Addison, who first identified the condition in 1849, is a rare hormonal disorder affecting around one in every 100,000 people. Continue reading →

Addison’s and J.F.K.

Illness strikes even the famous John F. Kennedy, Florence Nightingale and Winston Churchill are revered in history for their deeds. Their achievements may have been greater but for illness with plagued. them. Medical writer Jim Leavesley discusses their ailments, and even suggests that Kennedy's was a factor in his death John Fitzgerald Kennedy. John Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas, on November 22, 1963. At that time he was already a very sick man. Continue reading →

Endocrinology & Renal Conference

ENDOCRINOLOGY & RENAL WEEKEND CONFERENCE for the Mid North Coast Division of General Practice (NSW, Australia) held at Coffs Harbour (on the NSW north coast) on July 24th-25th 1999. Approximately fifty Addisonians, close relatives and friends, along with one hundred and twenty Professors, General Practitioners and representatives of Drug Companies who sponsored the Conference, gathered at the Opal Cove Resort at Coff’s Harbour on Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 for what was to be an interesting time for all. The invitation to attend came from Continue reading →

In The Family – Is Addison’s Hereditary?

The question we get asked most would have to be "Is Addison’s Disease hereditary?" Addison’s disease in it’s self is not hereditary but the factors which contributed to how you got Addison’s disease in the first place can be hereditary. As Doctor Paul Margulies explains in his answer on this hereditary pattern for the American N.A.D.F., "Most people with Addison’s disease have adrenal insufficiency caused by antibodies produced by mistake that injure both adrenal glands. This autoimmune tendency can be inherited. Continue reading →